Premium Pressure Washing in Calgary

Give your home or business a thorough clean.

Give your home or business a fresh exterior cleaning.

A Touch Of Glass starts every pressure washing project with one goal in mind, to make you happy.

The Window Cleaning company that cares about you

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Pressure washing will restore your entire property to its original beauty

Restore your entire property to its original beauty.

When you look at your home is it missing that shine? That luster? Maybe oil has leaked on your driveway and you just can’t stand looking at it anymore. If so, give us a call. But we'll warn you first, you may not recognize your house or building by the time we're finished with it. That's because we'll restore your entire property to its original beauty. If you truly don't recognize your home or business, don't worry, we’ll help you find it again.


A Touch of Glass did a great job on cleaning the exterior of our house. I would recommend this company to all. Kyle was very friendly and professional. Thank you for making our house shine.

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Pressure washing will make your home or office look brand new.

One of Calgary's most thorough pressure washing services.

We’ll come running (not literally because it’s hard to run with our pressure washing equipment) to give your home or business a nice, thorough, warm bath. After your property has been completely washed, we really recommend getting your windows cleaned too. Here's why?

If you let water sit for too long on your windows, especially hard water, it'll become much more difficult to clean later. For this reason, we recommend having your home or business thoroughly bathed and then your windows cleaned as well, all in one visit. And since we’re doing all the work you can just relax!

We carry $2 million in liability insurance.

Our services come with a satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction — is guaranteed!

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