Premium Gutter Cleaning in Calgary

Sleep better at night, knowing your gutters are running like new!

Your gutters are designed to protect your home.

You can trust us to be your gutter cleaners that keep your gutters clean so that they protect your home.

A Touch Of Glass starts every gutter cleaning project with one goal in mind, to make you happy.

You probably don't look at them often. In fact, you probably never even think about them. However, if you don't care for them, they'll resent it and turn on you. They'll turn from protector to destroyer! What in the world are we talking about? Your eaves, of course!

Did you know that if you don't make sure that your eaves are cleaned, you could experience extremely costly repairs? Your eaves protect your home. They keep water away from your foundation, so it doesn't start to erode. They keep water from damaging the fascia boards on your home. That's right. Your eaves really do a lot to keep your home looking and functioning at its best.

Why do you need your gutters cleaned a minimum of twice a year? Simply put, it will save you lots of money in damage! When your gutters aren't maintained properly, they could cause excessive flooding and significant damage to your home and property. Choose A Touch of Glass for your eavestrough cleaning in the Calgary area.

The Window Cleaning company that cares about you

We carry $2 million in liability insurance.

Protect your gutters with GutterClean System.

Are you looking for a solution for clogged gutters? GutterClean System® gutter guards are designed to be easier to maintain by letting the wind do most of the heavy lifting. Because their surface is made of perforated aluminum, debris sits on top, dries out, and is carried off by the breeze. Alu-Rex guarantees your gutters will stay clog-free for 40 years.

40 years guarantee

We have used Kyle and his team for several years for window and eaves trough cleaning, and couldn't be happier with their services - always a great job, done in a jiffy! We would highly recommend A Touch of Glass!

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We'll make your gutters and eaves flow like new.

One of Calgary's most comprehensive gutter cleaning services.

With our premium gutter cleaning service, we not only remove all the debris from your gutters, but we also flush out your trough and do a force flush on all your downspouts. We'll also take it even a step further by taking either videos or photographs of your gutters before and after our work so you can see how everything looks for yourself. And that's not all! We offer a premium 40-year clog guarantee on your gutters with our premium Gutter Protection Plan. And we perform a water test on all your gutters to catch any issues your gutters may be having with the proper flow to your downspouts. At the end of the day, you'll be able to sleep better at night knowing your gutters are running like new!

When it comes to maintaining and protecting your greatest investment, your home, take advantage of our professional home window cleaning and pressure washing services as well.

Our services come with a satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction — is guaranteed!

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